Hello, I am Zehao Zhu (朱泽昊), a first-year PhD student at University of Texas at Austin. Prior to that, I obtained my bachelor’s degree from Zhejiang University in 2023. My research interest lies in the intersection between computer vision and computer graphics.

🔥 News

  • 10/2023 One paper accepted to 3DV 2024 as oral presentation.
  • 08/2023 Join University of Texas at Austin as a PhD student.

📝 Publications


FSGS: Real-Time Few-Shot View Synthesis using Gaussian Splatting

Zehao Zhu\(^*\), Zhiwen Fan\(^*\), Yifan Jiang, Zhangyang Wang

Preprint | Project | Paper

  • Proposed a few-shot view synthesis framework based on 3D Gaussian Splatting that enables real-time and photo-realistic view synthesis with as few as three training views.

ContactArt: Learning 3D Interaction Priors for Category-level Articulated Object and Hand Poses Estimation

Zehao Zhu\(^*\), Jiashun Wang\(^*\), Yuzhe Qin, Deqing Sun, Varun Jampani, Xiaolong Wang

3DV 2024 (Oral) | Project | Paper

  • Proposed a novel framework to learn hand-object interaction priors for articulated object and hand poses estimation.

📖 Educations

  • 2023.08 - Present, University of Texas at Austin.
  • 2019.08 - 2023.06, Zhejiang Univeristy.